meal add-ins

Prepared Salad Containers/Plates

Find these foods at airports, convenience stores, social and sporting events and other “to- go” food outlets; friend’s homes; cafeterias; etc. Simply sprinkle any one of the 3 varieties on the prepared dish such as a Quinoa salad, lettuce salad, spinach salad, vegetable salad, etc.

Vegetarian Traveler® Toasted Bean Blends adds 15-17 grams of plant based protein to help complete your meal. All varieties are Vegan Certified. All Toasted Bean Blends add a mild crunch that works harmoniously in food and with very mild flavor.

Can be added to any meal to enhance your protein intake!

Toasted Bean Blend Varieties:


We are busy working on new uses and varieties. Watch for our new vegan protein products due later this year!

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