frequently asked questions

What is Vegetarian Traveler®? 

Vegetarian Traveler® was formed founders Christy and Chuck. They have been vegetarians for decades and found that, like many of us, eating away from home presented a challenge when it came to getting enough protein for each meal.

The only choice was to eat a protein bar, drink a protein shake, or eat some nuts before eating out. Crazy, right?

Today, our Toasted Bean Blends offer single-serve, convenient, shelf-stable vegan proteins using simple ingredients. Use them as a high-protein meal add-in to get a whopping 15-17 grams of plant protein in any meal, anywhere!

How can I use them while traveling on-the-go?

Grab ‘n’ Go is easier than ever with our single serve packet(s) of plant protein! Simply carry our convenient packets in your purse, pocket, backpack, suitcase or briefcase and enjoy them as a snack or add them to any meal—anytime, anywhere! Never needs refrigeration!

What are ways I can use them when eating at home? 

Use Protein Toppers® Toasted Bean Blends for a quick plant protein meal add-in. Add them to:

  • cereals (hot or cold)
  • stir fry
  • soups
  • salads
  • yogurts
  • vegetable or noodle dishes
  • other entrees and more!

Are Vegetarian Traveler Toasted Bean Blends non-GMO?

Our ingredients are non-GMO. Our suppliers are either self-declared or Project Verified non-GMO. We continue to select, use, and maintain high quality sources for all of our ingredients.

Is Vegetarian Traveler® vegan?

Yes, all Vegetarian Traveler® products are vegan and certified by Vegan Action.

What about your food ingredients?

Toasted Bean Blends are made only with simple ingredients that you know and your body loves. We vary our protein by using a variety of legumes (beans and pulses) and seeds.

Our Toasted Bean Blend ingredients are either dry roasted or roasted with soybean or virgin olive oils and seasoned with a touch of salt. It won’t change the flavor of your meal!

No Nuts! No Dairy! No Added sugars! Naturally Gluten-Free!

How is it convenient?

Vegetarian Traveler® is non-refrigerated, shelf stable, and comes in individual serving size packets. Take an easy-to-use packet and add to any meal, or try our Toasted Bean Blends as an ingredient in recipes. For more use ideas visit our meal add-in ideas page.

Low on energy—especially in the afternoon?

Grab a single packet of Toasted Bean Blend and get 15-17 grams of plant-based protein in a great tasting snack. It is a great choice anytime!

Have a question about your recent purchase? 

Here at Vegetarian Traveler your satisfaction is very important to us. For questions or concerns about your recent purchase we are here to help. Email us at: [email protected]

The road to health is paved with vegetables, fruits, beans, rice and grains.

- Polly Strand